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Paulo Delgado

Paulo Gabriel Godinho Delgado

Formation and Current Activities

  • Sociologist by UFJF with post-graduate degree in Political Sciences by UFMG.
  • Professor of Federal University of Juiz de Fora – UFJF (on leave of absence).
  • Independent Consultant of enterprises and Institutions in the fields of Politics, Education, Labor, Legislation.
  • Regular feature writer of O Globo newspaper since 2007.
  • Weekly columnist for Correio Braziliense (Brasília) and Estado de Minas (Belo Horizonte) newspapers.


  • Conservatism in Brazil and in the World, War College, Rio -2007.
  • Tercerization: the reinvention of job, FIESP, SP, 2007.
  • Twenty years of the Brazilian Constitution, Unicamp, Department of Economics, 2008.
  • Inventory of the Brazilian Education, Recife, 2008.
  • Humanism, Science and Democracy, UFSC, Florianópolis, 2008.

Parliamentary Activity since 1987

  • Federal Representative by Minas Gerais, 1987 – 1991: Constituent, 1987-1988, Federal Representative, 1991-1995, Federal Representative, 1995-1999, Federal Representative , 1999-2003, Federal Representative 2003-2007, Federal Representative 2009-2011.
  • Head of Congress several times as indicated by DIAP (Intersyndical Department of Parliamentary Assessory) for his zeal with the Institution, the Reputation and the Opinion (“…articulated politician, with excellent transit, convinced parliamentarist, stands out as a formulator…”).
  • President of the Education and Culture Commission for the House of Representatives.
  • Vice-President of the National Defense Commission of the House of Representatives.
  • Vice-Leader of PT in the House of Representatives.
  • President of the Brazilian Group for the Latin-American Parliament.
  • Vice-President of the Latin-American Parliament.
  • Vice-President of the XXl Century Brazil-Japan Council.
  • Member:
    • of CEALCA (Special Commission intended for following closely the negotiations of the Free Trade Area of America);
    • of the Conjoined Parliamentary Commission of Mercosul;
    • of the Commission of Science, Technology, Communication and Informatics;
    • of the Permanent Commission of the House of Representatives for “Accompaniment and Assistance to the Brazilian Communities living abroad”.
  • President of the Parliamentary Groups of Brazil-France and Brazil-Japan friendship.


  • Colloquy Brazil-France promoted by the National Library of France and National Institute of the Historic and Artistic Patrimony of Brazil, in Paris, 2005. (book published).
  • Seminar “ALCA: Risks and Opportunities for Brazil” organized by Itamaraty, CNPq and Petrobras – São Paulo – May 1998.
  • Seminar: Perspectives for Brazil as organized by ING Barings, Coral Gables, Miami.
  • Seminar “Brazil and the Arab World” from Alexandre Gusmão Itamaraty Foundation (Book published).
  • International Meeting “Le force progressiste in Europa e in America Latina: l’agenda della sinistra democrática”, organized by Democrati de Sinistra, Roma – Itália 2004. (Book published).
  • First International Conference of Family Members Associations Using Health services, sponsored by OMS, the Senate and the Ministry of Health of Itálianos, Roma-Trieste.
  • Conference of Caracas: Psychiatric Restructuring in Latin America.
  • Seminar “Parlamento y ajuste” promoted by the Latin-American Institute of Social and Economic Development, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Buenos Aires.
  • Seminar “Las nuevas formas de cooperación progresista” – organized by the Chile 21 Foundation and International Socialist – Santiago – Chile – 2004.
  • American chamber of Commerce – Amcham – regarding the “Challenges of President Lula’s Foreign Policy”, São Paulo, 2006.
  • General Ayrosa Center, Ministry of Defense, regarding “The Industrial Economy of Defense”, Petrópolis, (Book published), 2005.
  • National Forum, regarding “Political Crises and Reformation of the Brazilian State Institutions”,
  • Rio – Brasília, 2006 (Book published).
  • Relator of various internacional treaties signed by Brazil, among them the one that proposes the complete abolishment of nuclear tests around the world and the one that regulates maritime commerce between Brazil and the USA.
  • Relator of the Reformation of Higher Education and the National Plan of Culture.
  • Author of the following laws: a) Social Cooperatives B) Psychiatric Reformation C) Organic Law of Political Parties and innumerable legislative bills, among them the Law of Educational Responsibility.
  • Observer indicated by UNO followed the plebiscite that decided for the independence of East Timor. Went back to Timor in August of 2001 for the first free elections of the new country and, in 2002, for the inauguration of President Xanana Gusmão.
  • Consultant for the peformance and risk analysis of Brazilian politics and economy, as invited by the Central Bank, together with the international consultancies, 2001
  • Invited by President Fernando Henrique Cardoso to be ambassador to Mozambique.
  • Delegated to the following International Conferences: Health (Caracas, Roma, Buenos Aires); Human Rights (Vienna); Ecology and environment (Rio de Janeiro and Kyoto); Labor (Genebra e Buenos Aires), Politics and Economy (São Paulo, Beijing, Miami,
  • Buenos Aires, New York, Dominican Republic, Brasília, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Mexico, Ottawa); Science and Technology (Washington, Munich, Amsterdan), Education and Culture (Montevideo, Havana, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, Paris), United
  • Nations (New York and Genebra), Defense-Communications and Security (Edmonton, Denver, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden).
  • Coordinator of the Brazilian delegation with the UNO Convention on climatic changes – ECO-92, RJ. Brazilian Delegate to the Environment Conference, in Kyoto, 1997.
  • Member of the Brazilian Delegation to the Conference of Human Rights, UNO, in Vienna, 1993, and to the WTO Conference in Seattle (2001).
  • Invited by health authorities of Argentina to discuss the implementation of the sanitation reform in the province of Rio Negro, 1992.
  • Special Envoy of President Lula to China to represent the Brazilian government in the launching of Cbers 2, satellite manufactured by Brazilians and the Chinese for monitoration of terrestrial resources.
  • Official Delegation of the President of the Republic in the inauguration of Uruguai’s President, 2005.
  • Official Delegation of Vice-President of the Republic in the inauguration of Panama’s President, Mozambique and Namibia, 2004-2005.
  • Official Delegation of the Minister of Defense on a trip to Portugal, Russia and Romania – 2005.
  • Honored – University of Alabama – Birmingham and by Nasa with the Certificate of Recognition for his contribution to the success of the first experiment with proteins in space, which was carried out aboard space shuttle Columbia, dedicated to combat research against Chagas disease.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) as author of the law of the Brazilian psychiatric reformation.
  • “Paulo Delgado” is the name of the Association of Users, Family Members and Profissionals in the Field of Mental Health of the city of Taubaté – SP- and in Paraíba do Sul, RJ, of “Projeto Reviver Deputado Paulo Delgado” .
  • Prize “PI” from the Ministry of Health and Institute of Psychiatry of UFRJ, for the struggle on behalf of psychiatric patients’ human rights; 1999.
  • Paulo Freire Trophy of Social Commitment of Brazil’s Psychology councils for his struggle on behalf of the reduction of human suffering, 2000.
  • Certificate of recognition from the Ministry of Health for outstanding role played in the construction of an attention model to mental health, patients’ human rights and social inclusion of the mentally ill, 2003.


  • Honored by the Navy with the Tamandaré Merit Medal, by the Air Force with the Santos Dumont Merit Medal and by the Army, with the Pacificator Medal.
  • Awarded the Aeronautics Merit Order and the Military Order Merit, 2003, the Naval Merit order, 2005 and the Defense Merit Order, from the Ministry of Defense, 2007.
  • Awarded the Labor Judiciary Merit Order from TST, 2005.
  • Member of the Rio Branco Order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Chancellor of the National Order of Merit from France.

Other Activities

  • Founder of the Workers’ Party (PT).
  • National Leader of the party in the eighties and nineties (National Executive/National Directorate)
  • National Secretary of Organization in the eighties.
  • National Secretary of Foreign Affairs, 2005.
  • Organized and participated in the first two trips of PT to China.
  • Syndicalist Director of CUT and of the teachers in Minas Gerais in the eighties.

Personal Data

  • Native of Lima Duarte, MG. Born on 28th December, 1951.
  • Married to Mirian Freitas Estides Delgado, Sociologist and entrepeneur.
  • Three children, Carlos Estides Delgado, Henrique Estides Delgado and Gabriel Estides Delgado.

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